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Inspired by the flavours of Sri Lanka, friends Mary & Callie want to share the experience of the food that they’re most passionate about

Inspired by the flavours of Sri Lanka

Everything hand-made with love


I have so many happy memories from the time I spent living in Sri Lanka as a child, and a lot of them revolve around food!

The sight of endless varieties of banana at the market; the sweet smell that filled the humid air around our local bakery; the Friday treat of a short-eat and bottle of pop from the school tuck shop; climbing trees to pick juicy mangoes, learning how to scrape a coconut and competing with my brother to eat the spiciest food!

But it was the warmth and generosity of people we met that made our time so special and gave us lifelong friends.

They would always feed us with heaps of the most delicious rice and curry!

My mum picked up as many recipes and secrets as possible, and we regularly recreated these feasts back in the UK.

I loved helping to make those meals, but there were still a few things that I missed, like the egg hoppers which I always ordered wherever we could find them, and those amazing short-eats!

At the time, there only seemed to be a handful of places in London where you could find these delicacies, so when my friend Callie returned from a trip to Sri Lanka with the same obsession that I had and even more recipes, we got cooking together and haven’t stopped since!


Mary and I met when I’d just returned from a trip to Asia and was full of excitement about all the amazing food I had tried.

She immediately told me all about Sri Lanka and recommended I visit. I didn’t need much convincing and was soon packing my bag for another food holiday!

I absolutely loved it.

Eating peppery egg hoppers on the side of the road, short eats from a dimly lit stall while walking up Adam’s Peak, kothu roti in Kandy with a glass of woodapple juice. 

Staying with families as often as possible and getting in their kitchens, I was taught to make short-eats and delicious curries, making notes at every opportunity – the sights, smells and tastes were all something I wanted to bring back with me.

On my return Mary and I were straight in the kitchen, making curries, refining our egg hopper recipe, trying and testing kothu roti variations.

We took trips to Sri Lankan restaurants in London as there was nothing around us locally back then, and it was also around this time that we started to visit different street food markets in the UK to satisfy our need to try different foods.

Between making Sri Lankan food at home and visiting these markets, we got excited at the idea that we could bring our love for food markets and our love for Sri Lanka together!

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